Top 10 Things to Add to Your Hookah Base

Maybe many of you are wondering how you can make the hookah activity more fun and exciting. One sure way is by applying some tricks to the hookah base. Aside from the water, there are still more options which you can choose from in order to have the best hookah base. The top ten suggested hookah base additives are mentioned below.

Frozen Fruit

There is a variety of frozen fruits that you can add to your hookah base. Some of the best frozen fruits that you can have are the raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. These frozen fruits will add color to your smoke and can make your hookah look cool and provide similar benefits to that of the fruit juice and ice.


Coffee is an amazing liquid to throw within your hookah base. You can have a cappuccino tornado shisha flavor that just really tastes fantastic. One good combination is your hookah base coffee plus the plain old Nakhla shisha.Continue Reading

Why People Smoke Hookah?

It is 2014 and hookah has been a part of my life for the last 8 years with many years ahead. Looking back after such a long time caused me to wonder why I started and why I continue to this day.  Please read along with my thoughts as I try to give them a bit of order.

I started with hookah as many have in the past and many will in the future. It was a social activity among my group of friends and I wanted to participate. I wanted to share the experience. This may seem like peer pressure, but I assure you that had nothing to do with it. I realized from the beginning that hookah was more about community (see forum for online communities) and shared experience than it was ever about smoking, nicotine or anything else so self-indulgent. Even when I sit alone and relax with my hookah I am comforted in my memories of past sessions, the deep conversations they have fostered and the friends I’ve made. One reason that anyone might smoke hookah is definitely as a social activity.Continue Reading