Hi there, I’m glad you want to know more about me.  Well, I’m Chris, a blogger and longtime Hookah smoker.  I guess you could say I’m more of a hookah fanatic, than just a smoker.  I take it a little beyond just smoking as you can tell since I’ve created an entire website about it.  That’s how much a part of my life Hookah is.

I started smoking Hookah about ten years ago.  Back then I was smoking cigarettes a lot and didn’t really think much about it.  The truth is, I like to smoke, so quitting wasn’t an option for me.

Eventually I was introduced to the Hookah and it changed my life pretty dramatically. Before I knew it, I wasn’t even thinking about cigarettes anymore.  Smoking Hookah had completely helped me kick the habit and I barely noticed.  That’s how much I enjoyed Hookah from day one.

I think I enjoy it more and more each time I smoke too.

The changes it has made in my life have all been for the better.  My stress level is down, my budget is better and my family is happy.  Yep, I’m a Hookah head and a true Hookah advocate.