Maybe many of you are wondering how you can make the hookah activity more fun and exciting. One sure way is by applying some tricks to the hookah base. Aside from the water, there are still more options which you can choose from in order to have the best hookah base. The top ten suggested hookah base additives are mentioned below.

Frozen Fruit

There is a variety of frozen fruits that you can add to your hookah base. Some of the best frozen fruits that you can have are the raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. These frozen fruits will add color to your smoke and can make your hookah look cool and provide similar benefits to that of the fruit juice and ice.


Coffee is an amazing liquid to throw within your hookah base. You can have a cappuccino tornado shisha flavor that just really tastes fantastic. One good combination is your hookah base coffee plus the plain old Nakhla shisha.


Ice is not to give you any additional flavor, but it enhances the smoothness and coldness of your smoking hookah. It is one of the most common additions to the hookah base. In using the ice as an aid, keep in mind that you should not wash the hookah container right after smoking. Let its coldness fade away first for when met by warm water, it will lead to the breaking of the hookah jar.

Food extracts

Addition to small drops of food extracts like almond, vanilla and lemon can transform the flavor of your smoke and alter the color of your hookah base. If you are more on the color and not the taste, you can add the food dye.

Energy Drinks

Adding this energy drinks will enhance the favor of your hookah base. You can also enjoy the moment for you will be energized and will have an exciting smoking activity.
Wine- in order to level up the taste of your hookah base, you can add either the white or the red wine. You will be earning a general taste when combining the wine to the hookah, so there is no need to buy the expensive ones.

Tonic Water

Tonic water is a great choice for it contains quinine that possesses a florescent property. This will make your hookah base look glowing. Under black light, your hookah base will appear to be bluish in glow. This will be eye-catching, but it requires great carefulness and skills in preparation.
Fruit Juice- in adding extra flavor to your smoke, the fruit juice is one of the best choices. It is available in various flavors and the most used ones are the lemonade, pomegranate, cranberry and orange juice. With the aid of this, there will be a successful alters that will result in better smoking taste.


At first you might be thinking the addition of milk to the hookah base is a very weird action, but it is the opposite. Adding milk will work with any flavor that you desire. It is to make your smoke creamier and denser. Remember that the milk will only bubble up if you have mixed it with a small amount of hookah and can cause trouble to your hookah and the host, so be careful. One more thing is that milk can get rancid, so it is needed for you to clean the hookah jar right after smoking.


Beer is popular to be the blood of gods and a cheeky additive to hookah. Matching the beer or just simply adding it to your smoke will surely improve the deliciousness and depth of your smoking session.

So, those are the top ten things to add to your hookah base. Just be careful and wise enough in choosing the desired partner of your smoke. One tip is to avoid the addition of diaries and carbonated beverages. Here is another good article from on Food & Drink Pairing with Hookahs.