In the recent years it seem like there’s been a rise in the amount of hookah bars and hookah smokers.  More and more people are beginning to see the advantages of hookah and they’re showing up everywhere.

With this rise in hookah smokers also comes their bad habits.  They’re like a new girlfriend that brings baggage from previous relationships.  Some of these new smokers haven’t figured out that hookah isn’t like everything else.

Smoking hookah is social, it’s relaxing and it’s meant to be a time where we, as hookah smokers come together to enjoy the taste, atmosphere and lifestyle.

So here is a list so you can identify the types of smokers around you.

The Chimney Hookah Smoker

The chimney hookah smokers typically have a few hookahs to choose from. They prefer going out to a hookah bar that they have never gone to before. A chimney hookah smoker smokes everyday of the week. He is familiar with almost every aspect of hookahs and even has his own tricks for cleaning. He also loves the ideal of smoking hookah at home.

The Curious Chick hookah Smoker

This girl is a new hookah smoker. She is eager to experience new things and to taste new flavors. Before she starts smoking, she will have questions like “Am I going to regret this?” or “Is this illegal?” She is ready to taste as many flavors as possible. After smoking a few puffs, she will get up and start dancing like someone who have smoked hookah for hours.

The Casual Hookah Smoker

A casual hookah smoker has a couple hookahs at home. He rarely smokes alone. He’s not really a ‘big fan’ of hookah bars unless he’s with his buddies. He smokes about once in a week.  He’s good for a ride to the hookah bar and rarely bums your stash.

The Overdressed Hookah smokers

The overdressed hookah smoker prefers going out to a hookah bar and not smoking at home. The waiters love him for his generous tips. He loves the ladies and he makes it known by hitting on any lady he sees in the bar. He claims to know everything about hookahs and he loves to share the information with girls in the bar.

The Trapper Hookah Smoker

He is a unique hookah smoker. He will start with a story just as he starts smoking. He then takes a puff and continues with the story. After eight minutes, he takes another puff and moves on with his story.  He has a ‘knack’ for trapping you into a conversation that you either, know nothing about, or just plain don’t want to be involved in.

The Mad Hookah Smoker

He is called a ‘mad smoker’ because he has a set of lungs that seem to be powered by multiple engines.  He is able to draw in enough smoke to kill any normal hookah smoker, yet, he continues.  He will never be part of any discussion while he is smoking.

The Noob Hookah Smoker

He is also a unique hookah smoker because after a small puff, he will start coughing and choking like he’s on his deathbed. He considers himself a hookah smoker, but no one else does.  The noob likes to buy all your old hookah parts so he can build his own.

The Freshman Hookah Smoker

A freshman hookah smoker doesn’t know much about hookahs but acts like he knows everything. Once he starts smoking, he likes to pretend he’s getting high, or getting some sort of buzz.  He only smokes around friends because he likes to make a show.  Although he’s annoying, he always shares.  He’s a good friend to have when you’re running low.